Disaster Contingency Plan: Before, During, and After Typhoon

Hosted By Maiju Lassila
July 29 8:40 PM- August 2 2:55 AM
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  • Disasters happen and no one knows exactly when and where it will strike. Given this scenario, one can expect that there is always an impending danger that is waiting to hit at the least expected moment. And in a country like the Philippines which often deal with numerous typhoons year in and year out, there is no better way to handle the situation than to be equipped with necessary knowledge and preparedness that can empower an individual to overcome the most devastating scenarios caused by catastrophic events.

    This is where a disaster contingency plan comes into place. It is the plan of action to take in the event of a natural disaster. Every organization and family holds the responsibility of developing a disaster contingency plan, especially those who are living in a country where typhoons and other natural disasters are quite common, such as the Philippines.

    True to its purpose, having a disaster contingency plan indeed saves lives in times of calamity. Over the past years, people have witnessed numerous devastating typhoon-related tragedies all over the country--typhoons that have taken lives and properties, enough to prompt them to create their own disaster contingency plan to avert the dangers that come with typhoons.

    The purpose of organizing the event is to make people aware about the steps which they have to follow Before, During and After Typhoons :
    What is going to happen.
    What are we going to do about it.
    What can we do ahead of time to get prepared.

    So be aware and grasp the useful knowledge as much as you can.
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