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    led by ccocj101 ccocj101

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    The California Fires Coordination Group

    The CFCG successfully expedited disaster response and recovery operations
    among 13 Federal Agencies and the American Red Cross.

    In addition guidance was provided to...  more
    led by Vera Haij

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    Drought Management through Water Resources Development in India

    We know that water is necessary, both for sustainable human development and for the healthy functioning of the planet’s ecosystem. Availability of freshwater globally however, is limited. Out of the 2.7 per cent of a total amount of 1 400 million km3...  more
    led by Sadie Sensible

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    Volcanic Studies Group

    The Volcanic Studies Group at Leeds is a multi-disciplinary research group covering a broad spectrum of volcanological expertise comprising volcano seismology, ground deformation (InSAR & GPS), computational fluid dynamics, petrology and...  more
    led by Quinn Fawcett

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    Group aid in typhoon recovery effort

    U.S. agencies and organizations worldwide are pitching in to provide relief to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

    The revised death toll is 1,774, but authorities warned it could increase to about 2,500. Initial reports from the region...  more
    led by Maiju Lassila

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    Tsunami Relief Group

    UNICEF is often first on the ground in an affected region at the time of a tsunami disaster and goes to work immediately to provide lifesaving humanitarian relief to the survivors.

    In the weeks after a disaster, UNICEF teams provide clean water and...  more
    led by Lewis Allan

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    Recovery group created to help tornado victims in Lynchburg

    long-term recovery group has recently been created to help Lynchburg residents impacted by the tornado that tore through the area on April 15.

    Joan Phelps, who's served with the United Way of Central Virginia for the past 22 years, has volunteered to...  more
    led by Lauren Kelly

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    VOICE FOR SURVIVORS: support victims of terrorist attacks

    'Our country has taken on and defeated bigger threats in the past and we believe if we work together as a country and look after those bereaved or injured, we can and will defeat this as well'.

    Survivors of terrorist atrocities committed on British soil...  more
    led by John Beynon

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    Recovery Operation : Snow And Ice Disasters

    The extreme winter weather New York experienced recently revealed that snowstorms can be devastating to business continuity efforts.

    In fact, the blizzard that swept across the Northeast on Jan. 26, 2015, dubbed Winter Storm Juno, was responsible for...  more
    led by Jean Ray

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    Land O' Lakes Sinkhole: How To Help Victims

    Pasco County and United Way are teaming up to make it easier for people to help the families who lost their homes when a sinkhole opened up in Land O' Lakes.

    The kickoff of a special local fund meant to directly benefit the families was announced on...  more
    led by Janet Grant