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    Help Victims of Australia’s Fires

    Australians are reeling from the hundreds of devastating fires sweeping through parts of the country. Since October, the wildfires have scorched millions of acres of land and destroyed more than a thousand homes. At least 24 people have died. With people...  more
    led by bobby_bell

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    Nepal Earthquake Recovery

    On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal near the capital city of Kathmandu, the worst of its kind in more than 80 years. More than 9,000 people were killed, a further 23,000 were injured and the destruction to infrastructure and homes was massive....  more
    led by bobby_bell

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    Donate to Cyclone Amphan Relief Response

    Cyclone Amphan has caused great damage in rural and urban areas in both West Bengal and Odisha. Reports say 82 lives were lost, 80 in West Bengal and 2 in Odisha. Thatched houses, small shops, livestock, trees and crops have been ruined in the areas...  more
    led by bobby_bell

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    Advanced Persistent Threat Groups

    FireEye pays special attention to advanced persistent threats (APT) groups that receive direction and support from an established nation state.

    Like other attackers, APT groups try to steal data, disrupt operations or destroy infrastructure. Unlike most...  more
    led by William Montgomery

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    Slippery justice for victims of oil spills

    In a stunning and dramatic legal ruling that echoed from the serene court chambers in the Netherlands to the heart of rural Niger Delta in Nigeria, the District Court of The Hague dismissed all but one of the lawsuits brought against Royal Dutch Shell,...  more
    led by William Montgomery

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    Mass flood evacuations begin in Kashmir

    Floods that have killed 450 people in India and Pakistan began to recede on Wednesday giving rescue teams a chance to evacuate thousands of villagers stranded by the heaviest rainfall in 50 years in the heavily militarized and disputed region of Kashmir.
    led by Juan Mitchell

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    CoronaVirus : Overview, Symptoms and prevention

    CoronaVirus : Overview, Symptoms and prevention
    Corona Virus
    Wuhan Virus
    led by William Montgomery

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    CoronaVirus Update Today, Symptoms and Health Tips

    Save Lives.....Encouraging everyone to post coronavirus information and health tips here.
    Get updated with Ncorona virus. Post your own update.Are you constantly updating your family, relatives and friends ? You may want to add them here and so...  more
    led by William Montgomery

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    Global Indians Coronavirus Preparedness Group

    we are allowing new users of Global Indians, please don’t apply if you are not Indian or have Indian...  more
    led by diane_ray

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    #stayathome #Deafstayathome #Deafcoronavirus #deafcovid19...  more
    led by Cynthia Spencer

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    Wuhan Coronavirus (Latest news, information & discussion)

    Latest news & information regarding the Chinese Coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-2). We encourage all to share news and information from around the world, as well as participating in the discussion.
    led by Steven Watson

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    CoronaVirus Covid19 Philippines Updates

    CoronaVirus Covid19 in the Philippines and the latest updates. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbours. Stay informed and share the latest news from your Town or City.

    Many thanks to the members and moderators all keeping us informed and safe.
    led by Megan Alvarado