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led by Lewis Allan
UNICEF is often first on the ground in an affected region at the time of a tsunami disaster and goes to work immediately to provide lifesaving humanitarian relief to the survivors.

In the weeks after a disaster, UNICEF teams provide clean water and...  more
led by Lauren Kelly
long-term recovery group has recently been created to help Lynchburg residents impacted by the tornado that tore through the area on April 15.

Joan Phelps, who's served with the United Way of Central Virginia for the past 22 years, has volunteered to...  more
led by John Beynon
'Our country has taken on and defeated bigger threats in the past and we believe if we work together as a country and look after those bereaved or injured, we can and will defeat this as well'.

Survivors of terrorist atrocities committed on British soil...  more
led by Jean Ray
The extreme winter weather New York experienced recently revealed that snowstorms can be devastating to business continuity efforts.

In fact, the blizzard that swept across the Northeast on Jan. 26, 2015, dubbed Winter Storm Juno, was responsible for...  more
led by Janet Grant
Pasco County and United Way are teaming up to make it easier for people to help the families who lost their homes when a sinkhole opened up in Land O' Lakes.

The kickoff of a special local fund meant to directly benefit the families was announced on...  more
led by Hugh Conway
Efforts to minimize the damage from the huge oil spill from a rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico are under way, but wildlife conservation groups say the oil could pose a disaster for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastal areas.

How can...  more
The Act to Support Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Daily Lives sets the philosophy and framework of government support; the concrete measures and details will be determined by Cabinet orders and ministry ordinances.
Those measures are supposed to reflect...  more
led by Emily Rodda
WSDOT created the Landslide Mitigation Work Group and convened bi-weekly meetings over a nine-month period.

The mission of the Work Group was to develop short- and long-term strategies to reduce landslide impacts and improve transportation reliability...  more
led by David Axton
Since Hurricane Matthew’s floodwaters have receded, faith-based organizations have flooded Robeson County, looking to lend a hand to those who have lost everything in the wake of the Oct. 8 storm.

Our group is representing various religions and...  more
led by Abram Tertz
Wine industry leaders have formed a support network to provide immediate assistance and long-term aid to victims of the fires ravaging Northern California and are calling on the national wine community for additional help. Organized by a group of...  more
led by Aaron Wolfe
A severe drought in East Africa has inflicted wide scale crop failures and food insecurity throughout communities already struggling to survive, affecting more than 10 million people. Thousands of refugees, the majority from Somalia, are fleeing into...  more
led by Kusti Franti
The WCRP Drought Interest Group (DIG) was formed as part of the WCRP Extremes crosscutting activity following a joint GEWEX-CLIVAR meeting in 2008.

DIG aims to identify and leverage current drought research activities already underway within WCRP,...  more