Preventing Recurrence of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants

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July 28 10:02 PM- August 1 4:10 AM
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  • The importance of investigating the severe accident from various perspectives by parties of
    different standings is without question. However, nuclear power generation is the fruits of technical
    R&D, and this inevitably calls for an investigation by scientists and technical experts. At the core of
    this investigation are six nuclear experts in support of Hiroyuki Abe’s strong views that experts
    involved in promoting nuclear power generation and nuclear safety should be held responsible for
    investigating the causes of the accident.
    The belief in “absolutely safe”, or the “safety myth” of a nuclear power plant has unfortunately
    spread widely throughout Japan. However, there is nothing that is “absolutely safe”; all things in life,
    both natural and man-made carry a certain risk in opposition to their benefits. For nuclear power
    plants, not only the government and the operators, but also experts in the nuclear field are
    responsible for having neglected to appropriately communicate risks associated with nuclear power
    to the public.
    This event provides basic approaches or concepts for prevention of the recurrence of severe
    accidents like the Fukushima accident, as well as the establishment of nationwide consensus on the
    benefit and the risk in utilization of nuclear power.

    Committee on the Prevention of Severe Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants
    Shinzo Saito (Chair), Kenichiro Sugiyama, Yutaka Nakahara, Hideki Nariai, Keiji Miyazaki, Hiroshi
    Hiroyuki Abe
    Supporting Experts
    Ken Muramatsu, Masaaki Matsumoto
    Shojiro Matsuura, Hiroto Ishida
    Kazuki Okimura, Shizuo Hoshiba

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