How to properly use FFP2 masks

  • October 18, 2021 12:26 AM EDT
    How to properly use FFP2 masks Some countries, including Germany and Austria, have already decided to make the costly model mandatory in some areas. So, here is a short breakdown of FFP2 masks and how to use them correctly.To get more news about quality type II mask factory, you can visit official website. The biggest difference lies in the position of the mask. FFP2s attach closer to mouth and nose, making them more proficient at filtering particles if worn properly. At the same time, the thicker material makes it more difficult to breathe, which can cause health problems for senior citizens or children. Manufacturers therefore recommend that they only be worn for a maximum duration of 75 minutes at a time, with 30-minute breaks in between. People with long beards need to shave if they want to wear FFP2 masks correctly and benefit from the additional protection.They are not designed to be worn repeatedly and have an official efficacy duration of eight hours. Blue surgeon's masks in comparison are only expected to last three hours and should also not be worn more than once. The surface material of FFP2s is electrically charged to increase its filtering capacities, but its proficiency declines over time. The model should therefore only be worn once, but at a price rate of €3 to €10, it is understandable that many people opt to reuse them. Experts discourage this behaviour nevertheless.If still used more than once, people should be attentive to stick to their own models since germs attached to the interior can only be killed off with great difficulty. They cannot be washed, which is why any residue cannot be fully removed. Best is to disinfect the mask if used more than once. However, the Technical College of Münster recently published a study, which determined that this process should not be repeated more than five times. To disinfect a mask, one should either hang it in a dry room for one week, or put in the oven for one hour at a maximum of 80°C. Microwave ovens cannot be used for that purpose. Ultraviolet light does in fact kill germs, but only on those areas that are directly exposed to it, making it not very adequate for sanitising FFP2 masks.