Automatic Spring Coiling Machine for Bonnell and Lfk Spring

  • November 26, 2021 1:40 AM EST
    Spring coiling machine making bonnell and lfk springs. Electronically controlled. Changeable knotting module. Patented product. Characteristics. Of. Automatic spring coiling machine for bonnell and lfk spring. (spring coiling machine; bonnell spring coiling machine; lfk spring making machine; mattress spring coiling machine; spring machine; spring mattress machine; bedding equipment). 1. Electrically controlled coiling head;. 2. Motion unit with 10 arms;. 3. Available for both bonnell spring and unknotted spring/lfk;. 4. Special spring options available, if desired;. 5. Changeable knotting module;. 6. Changeable coiling head;. 7. Changeable tail formation dies. Technical data:. Spring coiling machine for bonnell and lfk spring. Spring type. Lfk spring. Bonnell. Capacity. 80 springs/min. 80 springs/min. Spring end diameter. 60-65mm. 60-95mm. Wire gauge. 1.9-2.3mm. 1.8-2.4mm. Spring height. 150-190mm. 100-190mm. Spring turns. 5-10 turns. 4-10 turns. Main power. 20kw. 20kw. Input current. 35a. 35a. Cable section. 4*10mm2 +1*6mm2. 4*10mm2 +1*6mm2. Power requirement. 380v ac 3phase, 50-60hz. (option:415v-480v, 220v). 380v ac 3phase, 50-60hz. (option:415v-480v, 220v). Air consumption. 5m3/h. 5m3/h. Air pressure. 0.6-0.7mpa. 0.6-0.7mpa. Weight. Approx. 1730kg. Approx. 1800kg.Get more news about Electronically Controlled Spring Coiling Machine,you can vist our website!

    YLSK-540 Spring Coiling Machine Adopts Taiwan Computer Control and Japanese Imported Servo Motor With High-speed, High-precision and Fast Facilitate. Controlled With Five Axis Divided Into Cam, Wire Feeding, Upper Cutter Blade, Lower Cutter Blade and Z-axis for Pitch Control YLSK-540 Spring Coiling Machine.