Dafenqi power's first pure electric heavy locomotive DC100

  • November 26, 2021 12:18 AM EST
    E-Car news on today's DaVinci Tech Open Day, Dafen riding power officially released its pure electric heavy locomotive DC100 and DC classic. DC100 manufacturer's guide price: 177700 yuan (expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2022); DC classic manufacturer's guide price: 577700 yuan (limited to 50 units worldwide, expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2022). Dafen riding power DC100 has both the performance experience of heavy locomotive and the ability of robot perception, calculation and execution. It will redefine two wheeled vehicles and open up a new category in the field of new energy.To get more news about ebike, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

    DaVinci tech, founded in 2013, is committed to exploring the development of robotic vehicles. The R & D team of Dafen riding power technology is composed of engineers from 11 departments of Tsinghua University. It has the ability to deeply and positively develop software and hardware. It is a scientific and technological innovation company that can create imagination into reality. In the past seven years, DaVinci tech R & D team abandoned the traditional way of thinking, took engineering thinking as the guidance, adhered to positive R & D, and built the first robotic two wheeled vehicle DC100 after seven years of positive R & D.
    <img src="https://global.davincimotor.com/_nuxt/img/motor2-top.99e1acc.png"> /> In terms of appearance, DC100 follows the design concept of CAF é racer. The overall appearance has a full sense of science and technology. The two circular light groups in the front of the car are very eye-catching and the sitting posture is very fighting.

    In order to fit the current user's smartphone usage habits, DC100 integrates the functions such as instrument panel, car key and vehicle condition information into the mobile phone software DaVinci app. During driving, the map function is integrated into the instrument interface without switching the software back and forth. At the same time, the mobile phone unlocking locomotive and keyless start are realized. In addition, DC100 can obtain real-time vehicle condition information, locate vehicle location and support remote vehicle system upgrading through global communication. In terms of braking, the front and rear wheels of the new car are equipped with 330mm disc brake discs, Brembo four piston calipers and Brembo MCS series direct push pump. Front and rear suspension from Ohlins brand. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III series tires are used. The front wheel specification is R17 / 120 and the rear wheel specification is R17 / 240.

    As a "public upgrade" pure electric vehicle, DC100 has outstanding performance and simplifies the operation of the heavy machine, so that riders can focus on experiencing the fun of driving. In terms of power output, the maximum power of DC100 is 100.75 kW (137 HP) and the maximum torque is 850nm. As for battery and charging mode, DC100 adopts ternary lithium battery pack to achieve high energy density, and supports high-voltage platform and high rate charge and discharge. DC100 charging uses the DC fast charging pile of Sino American and European standard vehicles, which can be filled in about 30 minutes, easily realizing energy freedom.

    DC100 comprehensively optimizes the control experience through the whole vehicle control system, so as to easily accelerate at will and brake simply and delicately. It also has reverse gear and ramp assistance, which solves the pain points in the operation of traditional motorcycles. The robot control system can make riding easier and let riders focus more on enjoying the fun of riding.

    In the era of integration of science and technology and digitization, the birth of DC100 also fully reflects the development of science and technology. In the future, although fuel vehicles will not necessarily be replaced, the emerging electric vehicle industry will be another choice for urban travel. If the electric motorcycle can gradually solve the problems of endurance and power like the new energy vehicle, I believe the electric motorcycle can still have a bright future!